District Cross Country

On Friday 15th May we had our most talented long distance runners participate in the District Cross Country.


Our students showed stamina and determination as they battled the cold and wet weather at Ruffy Lake Park. A huge congratulation to the Burwood Heights team, your efforts were outstanding and your sportsmanship was admired by many. We achieved 6th place overall.


We had two spectacular athletes who will participate in the Division Cross Country on Thursday 4th June. We wish Nicholas B and Christopher L the very best as they represent our school.

Student achievements are listed below:

Under 9/10 boys

Nicholas B – 5th

Eric B – 52nd

Kael D – 33rd

Jasper C – 38th

AJ G – 58th

Reuben P – 53rd  

James L – 61st

Jiwon C– 50th


Under 11 Boys

Romian B – 32nd

Colin M – 23rd

Deiter W – 14th

Giulian M – 35th

Iefan G – 37th

Mel C – 41st

Joshua P – 47th

Caleb F – 49th


Under 12/13 Boys

Christopher -7th

Jeremy K – 33rd

Peter B – 51st

Matthew N - 44th

Zac M – 46th

Aidan D – 47th

Joshua T – 52nd

Kieren M – 59th


Under 9/10 Girls

Tarana K – 31st

Amelie F - 41st

Trisha L - 28th

Holly M – 26th

Grace M – 39th

Momoria G – 43rd

Tori W – 45th

Dimitra D -52nd

Under 11 Girls

Belinda Y – 35th

Ashliegh M - 60th

Clodagh B – 50th

Akshaya V – 59th

Bianca M – 47th

Ayaka T - 52nd

Maggie N – 54th

Isabella S - 61st


Under 12/13 Girls

Charity G – 39th

Maddie E – 20th

Margareth V – 43rd

Towa W – 40th

Hannah B – 32nd

Sydney A – 52nd

Eva A – 45th

Mia F – 55th