Real Life Adventures - Bin It

Our first destination was the Rethink Education Centre in Heidelberg. Through an entertaining performance by the ‘Material Girls’, we played games, sang songs and discovered how things are recycled. We were shown the importance of reducing waste and the five materials that can be recycled in our bins. These are steel, aluminium, paper, glass and plastic. Not all plastic can be thrown in these bins, any soft plastics such as food packaging and plastic bags need to be recycled through other collections. You may find one of these bins outside your local supermarket.

Before leaving, we stepped out onto a viewing platform to see the facility in action. The Material Recovery Facility (MRF), uses the different properties of each material to separate and bundle them ready to be taken away and recycled.

From here we travelled to Hampton Park and had a tour of the landfill site. Our tour guide explained to us that a landfill site is not just simply a hole in the ground filled with rubbish. A lot of thought and preparation is put into making the hole secure and prevent any leakages. It takes about 20 years to fill an area the size of our school. Trucks were continually coming and going as they emptied their loads and were off again to refill. We humans are good at generating waste. Although it is all buried and we can’t see it anymore, most of our rubbish will be there for years and years! To check out more photos visit our flickr page

The Adventures