Real Life Adventures - Egg Farm

The egg farm we visited is one of Victoria’s largest chicken egg farms. Situated in the hills of Kinglake, the business has a number of different farming sites with a range of farming methods. This includes caged chickens, cage free chickens and free range chickens. We witnessed caged chickens and cage free chickens. This was an incredible eggsperience walking down the rows and rows of cages, four levels high…and stepping into a shed with literally thousands of chickens running around.

All the eggs from the different sheds travelled on a conveyor belt to the grading floor. Here the eggs were tested and sorted. Some were ready to be packaged and sent to the shops, others were sent to CSL for the flu vaccine while others were sent to be dehydrated. They distribute about 5,000,000 eggs a week! Believe me, I’m not eggsaggerating!

After thanking Brad our tour guide, we hit the road and stopped off at Kangaroo Ground War Memorial Park. We had lunch, climbed the tower, played an egg toss game and did an eggsperiment. We tested eggs for strength by trying to squash them. When the eggs were positioned longways, some of us were able to stand on top of them. Now we know why they are always packaged that way.

Before returning to school we stopped at our local supermarket to compare the price of eggs from caged, cage free and free range chickens. Check out more eggciting photos by visiting our flick page

The Adventures