Real Life Adventures - Trees Alive

On our way up the steep hill to the adventure park, we past by Puffing Billy. Beside the track we noticed a number of huge levers that controlled the position of the tracks. These levers were connected to a wire that moved the tracks depending on where they wanted the trains to go.

Before climbing the trees we did some preliminary work with pulleys and ropes. One example was finding a suitable tree and rigging up a single pulley system. Trying to lift each other off the ground was a difficult task. But adding an additional double pulley (two more wheels) into the system enabled us to lift the same load with a third of the effort.

The real excitement came when we started climbing. Fitted with a harness, gloves and a helmet we had the freedom to climb different levels of obstacle courses strung between the trees. These courses offered a variety of physical challenges such as climbing across cargo nets, scrambling over rope bridges and crawling through wooden obstacles; all this done high above the ground.  The most exhilarating part was zipping between the trees at frightening speeds on the flying foxes – the longest more than 100m!

By the end of the day our hands were sore and our muscles were tired. For some of us we had confronted our fears, pushed our limits and crossed boundaries that we never thought we’d cross. We all had a sense of achievement and would love to go back! To check out more photos, visit our flickr page

The Adventures