Melbourne Symphony Orchestra Performance

Instruments were placed into four sections of the orchestra. These were the Brass, Strings, Woodwind and Percussion musicians. We found out that the piano and harp were put in the percussion section, even though they have strings that make the music. The musicians were wearing different coloured t-shirts so students could easily identify each section. They set the Strings upfront, then the Wood Wind behind, the Brass was positioned at the back and the Percussion was around the edges of the orchestra.


The MSO holds the record for the quickest performance of The Flight of the Bumblebee, by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov, beating the record of 1 minute and 25 seconds, by 10 seconds. They were incredibly fast. They also played the theme song from Dr Who. When they played Dr Who, they introduced a new instrument called the Electro-Theremin. The Electro-Theremin made weird and wonderful sounds. A song from the opera ‘Carmen’ was also performed and we got to clap and sing every time the cymbals played. The music was very loud. The Orchestra then played a song from Romeo and Juliet, the part when Romeo and Juliet’s families fought, it was quite frightening.

Paul Rissmann, who was the compere of the concert, wrote a song called Bamboozled, which was pretty exciting. We got really involved in this song because Paul made us clap, stamp, slap and sing along to the song Bamboozled. This was probably the most exciting song of the whole performance even though everything was really awesome.

The orchestra was so amazing. We all loved their performance. We gave a loud clap at the very end. We were all sad to leave Hamer Hall once the performance was finished.



Written by Sylvain and Hannah.