Dance Fair Victoria Choreographic Competition

The students in Grade Five and Six had the opportunity to enter the Dance Fair Victoria Choreographic Competition. Many students were keen to enter and we had a dance off at school at the end of February to select which students would represent the school at the competition. We were allowed to enter two solos, two duos and two teams for both Grade Five and Grade Six.

The students had weekly rehearsals to choreograph and refine their dances for the competition and as the competition date became closer many required extra rehearsals to complete their dances in time. The students who were working in groups learnt a lot about team work and the importance of negotiation.

On Saturday 23rd April, eight Grade Six students competed and on Saturday 28th May, thirteen Grade Five students competed in Dance Fair Victoria’s Choreographic Competition.  The students performed confidently and enthusiastically in front of a large crowd, made up of their families and friends. The students were respectful back stage, encouraging to their fellow competitors and were wonderful representatives for the school.

At the end of the Grade Five competition night they tallied all the points from both nights and we were excited to hear them announce that Burwood Heights Primary School was the overall Primary School Champions for 2016!

A special congratulations to the students who were awarded places:

Grade 5 Solo 3rd Place – Holly

Grade 6 Solo 1st Place – Kristy

Grade 6 Solo 3rd Place – Amelie

Grade 5 Duo 1st Place – Frances and Tori

Grade 5 Duo 3rd Place – Khushi and Tarana

Grade 6 Duo 1st Place – Amelie and Isabella

Grade 6 Duo 2nd Place – Belinda and Kristy

Grade 5 Team 1st Place – Alisha, Ashlee, Diana and Kaelyn

Grade 6 Team 1st Place – Amelie, Belinda, Isabella and Kristy


All students who competed should be very proud of their effort!

Jennifer Whiteoak