Music Soiree


Although a “soiree” is usually held in the evenings, this was not so on Friday 11th May, when a soiree was held at assembly, during the day. The Allegreta Choir and the Allegro Choir performed beautifully and with such enthusiasm and sensitivity. It was such a pleasure to see the number of students who now participate in choir and make such a commitment to rehearsals in order to perform.


Individual performers who sang, played the piano and the cello had certainly practised their craft for many hours to have been able to perform at the level they did.


There were three surprises –Ms Yi-Shuen Chan entertained as brilliantly on the piano; Ms Elizabeth Barrow , an Opera Singer with the Victorian Opera and Opera Scholars Australia Finalist 2016/2017, really “raised the roof” and then our own, Ms Iris Ferwerda joined Ms  Elizabeth Barrow in a duet. This was absolutely beautiful and it was such an experience for those who were fortunate enough to be at assembly.



I thank Ms Iris Ferwerda  for the preparation of the students, but mostly for organising such an inspiring and unique experience for our school community. How fortunate we all were to have been taken on such a wonderful musical journey, where our souls could soar with the notes.