What is Binary?

Binary is a code that works the entire computer, and I am amazed when such a small thing can be turned into something as big as a computer, or even as smart. There are only 2 things in binary, 1's and 0's, where 1 means on, and 0 means off. Binary is very complicated, but when you actually learn it, it will turn out very simple. Binary can be used to represent numbers, letters, and even colours! And there is also "place value" in binary, which is how the numbers are represented. Once you learn what the pattern is for binary, colours and letters will be just as easy as the numbers.

There is continuous place value in binary, and that is because that numbers are continuous. The place value is read from right to left, starting from "1,2,4,8,16,32..." and so on, as in can see, they're all powers of 2. This is when the 1s and 0s come in. As you know, 1s mean on and 0s mean off, so when we put a 1 under the 2s place value, and a zero under the 1's place value, this means two, because only the 2 is on, but the rest is off, so we only count the 2 (10). As the numbers get higher, more place values are included, for example, 65 has seven place values:1000001. As you can see, the 64 and the 1 is turned on, so you add them up, which gets you 65. If you want a colour, or a letter, then they will be paired up with a number which then is represented in binary. E.g. 01100001="a" in letters.

Binary is so interesting to know, and learn. It is especially cool when all these 1s and 0s can be represented as so many things! When I first saw them, my jaw dropped, but as I learn them they become more familiar and easier, binary is so cool!

                                                                        Sissi 5/6E