The 40 hour Backpack Challenge

The 40 hour Backpack Challenge


On the 10th - 12th of August we did the World Vision 40 hour backpack challenge. The backpack challenge is where for 40 hours we lived out of our backpack. We tried to replicate the life of a refugee for 40 hours.


We learned that life is hard as a refugee. Refugees have to move a lot, and this is at a very young age. Walking in the shoes of a refugee, made us more aware of how difficult some people’s lives are and how lucky we are to have all that we have.

Elise, Victoria, Talia, Matilda, Mia, Chloe and Rachel


It was hard living like a refugee, but it made me think about how hard this would be in real life. – Elise 5/6P


We only had a certain amount of food to live off for the weekend, which wasn’t much! I found it really surprising and sad about how little food refugees get. – Chloe 5/6L


It was difficult making your ‘home’ and then having to move so much. I couldn’t imagine doing it all the time, like a refugee.- Victoria 5/6M


It was really hard to live like a refugee. It taught me to appreciate all the things we have. – Mia 5/6M


I learnt refugees have to work for their rent. That’s really sad because our families have a home, food and water, which refugees don’t always have.- Talia 5/6E


Globally there are 68.5 million refugee and displaced people - and more than half are under 18. By joining the 40HF Backpack Challenge movement, you'll connect with four of these young people and begin to understand what it's like to leave almost everything behind.


We congratulate the girls on such a fantastic achievement. This is a perfect example of how we can ‘Take Action’ for positive change in our everyday lives.