Let it Snow!



The most recent Real Life Adventure saw a small group of Senior School students climb to lofty heights. They climbed 1433 metres above sea level to be exact, in hopes to get a glimpse of, and experience, the great white. Snow!


Early sightings on the drive up Lake Mountain were promising, and upon arrival our hopes were realised. A glistening white blanket lay at the feet of majestic gums and calling from the distance, freshly powdered slopes. With the crisp air filling our lungs and the scent of eucalypt rising from the damp earth, we all checked our gear and set out into the wilderness.


The morning schedule involved a bushwalk where we experimented with heat transfer and a variety of insulation materials. There were talks about the critically endangered mountain pygmy-possum. While everyone appreciated the views and environment it was difficult to resist the urge to throw snowballs at every turn and let fly with some ripping shots. After making snowmen and angels, we returned to the bus for a good feed to fuel ourselves for an action-packed afternoon.


Once satisfied the Burwood Heights snow bunnies were ready to test the effects of friction. Toboggans were the equipment of choice for this experiment. Many races and spills ensued, with resounding laughter echoing around the mountains. It seemed that there was no limit to exploring the phenomena of friction, with repeated trips down the slopes and a change to a steeper run.


As much fun as it was, all good things must come to an end. As we trekked our toboggans back up the slopes, tired and content, we all reflected on the experiences of the day. We clambered back into the bus for a cosy trip home and shared highlights from our day on the snowfields.