Students in Middle and Senior School at Burwood Heights primary School enjoy a fortnightly Homecrafts lesson in the school kitchen. The focus is on students cooking with seasonal produce sourced from the school garden. Students and adult volunteers collaboratively create a meal consisting of four dishes from simple recipes. At the conclusion of the lesson, everyone sits down at an attractively set table to enjoy a delicious, fresh meal and some interesting and friendly conversations.

By participating in this program, students learn a myriad of personal skills and extend their understandings of mathematics, literacy, geography, history and culture in a relaxed and supportive environment.


Term Focus

Middle School:

Middle school students are confidently working in the kitchen and are able to solve simple problems independently. They are using knives safely, locating tools and ingredients with ease and generally making the most of their fortnightly lessons! The garden is providing many herbs and leafy green vegetables to enliven our lovely fresh salads and we are sharing delicious meals at our perfectly set tables.


Senior School:

Year Six students are approaching the end of their time in the school kitchen and are becoming quite nostalgic, recalling their early experiences and reflecting on the excellent kitchen skills and food knowledge they have developed. We have been preparing treats to sell at the school Art Show, and before we know it, we will be eating meals from menus selected by the Year Six chefs. They will be allowed to cook their favourite dishes from our school recipe list