Dance - 2012

Dance Concert

On Wednesday 12th December students in the Diamond, Star, Crystal, Sparkle and Prep Dance Troupes as well as the Glee and 5/6 Drama groups all performed their end of year concert.  Congratulations to all the students on their beautiful performances.



Dance Fair Victoria


Dance Fair Victoria is a choreographic competition that involves students choosing their own music, choreographing a dance and organising their own costumes.  This year Burwood Heights Primary School entered two teams, four duos and two solos.  Congratulations to all the girls who competed. They represented the school proudly and performed beautifully.


Open Night

As part of Education Week students in the Star and Diamond Dance Troupes performed at Open Night on Wednesday 23rd May. Parents were also invited to attend an open dance class during the week to see what the students have been learning and practising in their dance lessons.


Oxfam Music Festival


Students in the Sparkle, Star and Diamond Dance Troupes all performed at the Oxfam Music Festival on Thursday 23rd August at Box Hill Town Hall.  The Sparkle Troupe performed ‘Under the Sea’, Star Troupe ‘The New Girl in Town’ and Diamond Troupe ‘ My Heart Will Go On’ and ‘Pop’. It was great to see all their beautiful smiling faces on stage and energetic dancing!


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