More About Classes in Grade 5/6


We use the ‘Write-to Read’ approach to spelling, where students are explicitly taught how the written language works. Students also explore all aspects of English, through programs such as Writer’s Notebook, Literature Circles and Literature Study.

Student writing samples:

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PoemPoemInformation ReportPersuasive Writing



Students in the Senior School engage in Mathematics lessons which address the three strands of Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry and Statistics and Probability. Lessons are differentiated to ensure that all students’ needs are catered for, whether it is through extra assistance or extension activities. Students complete many rich, hands-on, open-ended tasks in Mathematics which engage all learners, allow students to show connections between the concepts they have learnt and produce a range of responses.

Integrated Studies

We have an integrated curriculum with the topic focus changing each term.  These topics encourage students to reflect on themselves as well as their place in the world. This year, our units include:


Understanding Australia: students understand that history involves change and impacts on people’s lives. They explore the significant events in Australia’s history to help make sense of contemporary Australia.


Natural Disasters: students gain an understanding of which natural disasters can occur in Australia and why. They understand how to prepare for, and respond to, natural disasters and the impact they have on humanity.

Immigration: Students have been researching different immigration stories. Through a film and book study the students have learned to understand the reasons why people choose to immigrate to new countries.


Consumerism: students discover that consumers have rights. They become aware of needs and wants, rights and responsibilities and the intentions of a business.


Healthy Decisions: students learn about disabilities and gain a greater understanding of people living with a disability. They also explore the long and short-term effects of excessive alcohol consumption and discuss the implications of certain decisions they may make in the future. Students look at how bodies change physically and emotionally through the lifespan of both males and females.


At the conclusion of each unit, students undertake a week-long project. Students use knowledge gained throughout the unit as well as research skills, design, creativity, technology and team work to produce and present a sophisticated project.

Student Leadership

Grade Sixes have the opportunity to become school leaders including School Captain, Sports Captain, Arts Captain, House Captain and leaders of the Student Representative Council. Our leaders run whole-school assemblies, look after the sports storeroom and assist with House Sports.

Excursions & Camps

Senior School is a unique level where we offer a wide range of activities and programs for students. Our camp to Beechworth is definitely a highlight where students get to experience  real life events of the Gold Rush that helped establish Victoria.



Every 5/6 class is paired with another 1/2 class for our Buddies program. In small, mixed groups, students complete a range of activities throughout the year. These activities give the senior school students the chance to be good role models, nurture a sense of responsibility, build on communication skills and foster caring attitudes.




In the Senior School, there is an ongoing focus on Cybersaftey. As students use technology to conduct research and to communicate with their teachers and peers, it is imperative that they know how to stay safe online.

Students explore a range of strategies to ensure that they know how to protect their personal information. These include knowing who and what to trust online and asking for help if something concerns them or if they are feeling unsafe online.


Other Programs

Our ‘Advanced Presentation Skills Course’ is an 8-week public speaking course. Students learn how to write, deliver and evaluate effective speeches and learn how to respond to Off-the-Cuff questions. This concludes with a graduation ceremony where parents are invited to see and hear the students demonstrate their new, impressive skills.


The end of the year is a busy one for Senior School. We have our end of year concert, where each grade performs a song that embodies our school values. Our famous ‘Amazing Race’ requires students to compete in teams and perform various tasks to acquire ‘teacher bucks’ which they can use to bid in a secret auction for fabulous prizes. The end of the year is bitter-sweet as we say farewell to our grades sixes with a dinner and a formal graduation ceremony.

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