More About Classes in Grade 1/2

Students in the Junior School take part in Literacy, Mathematics, Integrated Studies and Values sessions with their classroom teacher. They are also taught different specialist subjects to learn and explore diverse topics. The students in this level are ‘buddied up’ with students from the Senior School to develop positive relationships at school.



English covers the areas of Reading and Viewing, Writing and Speaking and Listening.

In Reading and Viewing, students work in small guided reading groups, where monitoring and comprehension skills are encouraged to ensure they have a good understanding of the material they read.

In Writing, students learn the phonograms and use this knowledge to spell words. They complete writing tasks which include recounts, stories, poetry, procedural tasks and factual accounts.

In Speaking and Listening, students contribute ideas and suggestions to classroom discussions. They give or follow simple sets of instructions to show they are paying attention and engage in conversations with other students and teachers to demonstrate listening skills.



Mathematics is broken up into three areas and is taught through engaging games, hands on activities, real life experiences, working in groups and using technologies and interactive programs.

In Number and Algebra, students explore concepts of Number using concrete materials. Some topics covered include counting numbers to one thousand, place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, fractions, time and money.

In Measurement and Geometry, students explore the world around them by using tools to measure a variety of objects. They explore concepts of two and three dimensional shapes and learn to read simple maps.

In Statistics and Probability, students collect and record information using simple graphs, tables and charts. They use terms related to chance and participate in simple tasks to develop their understanding about probability.

Integrated Studies

Students in the Junior School learn about the world they live in through integrated topics.

This year our topics are:

Term 1:

  • My Place, Your Place, Our Place

Term 2:

  • H2O Way to Go!
  • Drug Education
  • Fantastic Mr. Fox

Term 3:

  • Game On (Olympic Games)
  • Sexuality Education
  • Where’s the Party?

Term 4:

  • Explore! Invent! Discover!
  • Road Safety


Values Education

Values Education is a foundation for developing important life skills which assist in the development of interpersonal relationships. Burwood Heights Primary School has a whole school approach to teaching Values. Students are taught about respect, sensitivity, honesty, responsibility and achievement.


Morning Exercise – Wake and Shake

Junior School students begin the day with exercise we call ‘Wake and Shake’. During this time, the students have fun while exercising and keeping fit.




Homework is given to students every Wednesday and must be completed by the following Tuesday. Homework involves spelling words, using words in sentences and some simple Maths tasks to reinforce what is being taught in the classroom. Reading a reader is a daily requirement.

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