More About Classes in Grade 3/4

In Grade 3/4 at Burwood Heights Primary School we provide the students with a safe and supportive learning environment in which students are challenged and supported to achieve their full potential.


Our engaging Literacy and Numeracy programs consist of rich learning activities that are hands on and have real life applications. Students are challenged through the use of ability groups where individualised learning tasks are utilised. Students are then given the opportunity to apply the skills learnt within these programs in other areas of their schooling such as the cooking program.


In English, students take part in ‘Write-to-Read’ spelling classes based on their spelling abilities. They continue to develop their reading skills during Literacy groups and continue to extend their knowledge of grammar and punctuation with a weekly focus each week. Students also strive to achieve their ‘join-up’ or ‘pen’ licences through regular handwriting exercises. Writers Notebook is used to develop students writing where students go through the process of brainstorming, writing, editing and publishing their work.



In Mathematics students are encouraged to use their mathematical thinking with the use of problem solving and open ended questions. There is a big focus on multiplication facts at this level with students taking part in the weekly ‘Times-Tables Challenge’ against other grades.


Integrated Studies

During Integrated Studies students are given the opportunity to develop their inquiry skills through projects that fit the topic for the term. They draw on their researching skills to find answers to their questions and choose a format to present their new findings. The student’s work is then celebrated with each student given the opportunity to share their work with the class and they are then asked to reflect on their achievements.



Students begin the Homecrafts program in Grade 3. They work in the kitchen and learn new life skills.

Excursions & Camps

A three day camp is offered to the students every second year, where the students take on the adventures of Phillip Island. Students also take part in other excursions, to further develop their understanding of the focus topic for the term.


Grade 3/4 students take part in the school Buddies program where they are paired up with Prep students and become the mentor for these students. The students are responsible in assisting the preps with the smooth transition into school and benefit from such a program by developing a sense of leadership, responsibility and pride in their ability to be helpful.

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