The Great Wall

We would sincerely like to thank all those who have helped our school. We especially want to thank the ongoing support of the Grosvenor Foundation, the Jan Gorr Foundation and the Reichstein Foundation.


The school would like to acknowledge and thank Dench Meats at Forest Hill Shopping Centre for their monthly donation to the school.


I thank Mrs Robyn Bell especially for sourcing, collecting and encouraging donations for classroom   computer chairs. The students are really going to enjoy sitting on these.

There are families who have donated more than one chair but I have not indicated this in the list below.

The Emmoglou family              Marilyn Hall

Andrea Chasemore                  Hutter family

Aimline Maintenance                Richards family

Bell family                                  Salanitri family

Petaroudas family                    Clarkson family

Harfield family                           Schachter family

Brown family                             Haines family

SHK Maintenance                    Nicole Flynn-Jones

Allen family                                Mrs Mason

Moran family                             Coutts family

Jackson family                         Hewson family

Davidson family                       Macphie family

Flowers family                          Seta Baleisuva family 




Josephine Nash – for her help in bagging and distributing chocolates


Stella Hewson, Deb Richards, Chris Bould, Sharon Schachter, Josephine Nash, Anita Fanfulla, Angela Emmoglou, Julie Pratt and Amanda Brown for the Father’s Day Stall.

Special thanks to Amanda Brown for all the purchasing for Father’s Day.

2 x Kitchen Wizz Food Processors

1 x Control Grip Stick Blender

Breville Australia



Lions Club of Forest Hill

Junior School Sports

Navjot Kaur

Ritu Sharma

Emma Rutherford

Lauren Palfreyman

Sharon Schacter

Elise Colgrave

Kae King

Lisa Hutter

Toni Markoutsas

Sarah Caplor

Lawn mower (Click here for full article)

Lions Club of Forest Hill