House System

FLOREY (Green)

HOWARD FLOREY  ( 1898 – 1968)

Brilliant student and outstanding sportsman. Led a team of scientists that discovered and developed penicillin.



JOHN FLYNN  (1880 – 1951)

Presbyterian Minister, founder and superintendent of the Australian Inland Mission of the Presbyterian Church of Australia. Campaigned for and was successful in commencing an aerial medical service to people living in the bush in remote homesteads and communities.


COWAN  (Blue)

EDITH COWAN  (1861 – 1932)

Social reformer – worked to secure proper care for mothers and children.  For three decades before entering parliament she was prominently involved in women’s political organisations in Western Australia, Australia’s first woman parliamentarian.  Among the first women appointed to the bench in 1915.


KENNY  (Gold)

ELIZABETH KENNY  (1880 – 1952)

Without formal nursing training, she worked as a bush country nurse, treating the first stages of polio and established a clinic in Townsville. She became known for her treatment of poliomyelitis.