Dance - 2013

End of Year Concert

The Dance, Glee and Drama Concerts were held in the E. Wood Centre on Wednesday 11th December at 2:00pm and 5:00pm.  Students in Glee A and Glee B, 5/6 Drama, Prep Dance, Boys Dance, Sparkle, Sapphire, Crystal, Star and Diamond Dance Troupes all be performed at these concerts.

Oxfam Music Festival

On Tuesday 19th November the Little Sparks and Senior Choirs, Glee Club and Sapphire, Star and Diamond Dance Troupes all performed at the Oxfam Music Festival, at Box Hill Town Hall.  All students should be proud of their effort as they performed to a very high standard.  All money raised from ticket sales on the night goes straight to Oxfam to assist with projects in Australia and overseas. 



Whitehorse Spring Festival

Congratulations to all the students who performed at the Whitehorse Spring Festival on Sunday 20th October.  The Senior Choir started the show with ‘Happy Endings’ followed by the Sparkle and Star Dance Troupes enthusiastically performing a medley.  Both Glee groups danced and sang wonderfully before the boys from 5/6M energetically performed their production item.  The Little Sparks Choir sang beautifully about the best gift of all being something that comes from the heart.  The Diamond Dance Troupe performed a lyrical piece to ‘Different Worlds’ before all performers appeared back on stage to take a well earned bow.  All students who performed should be very proud of their efforts.  Thank-you to everyone who came along to help and support the students.


Dance Fair Victoria

Dance Fair Victoria is a Choreographic Dance Competition and is open to students in Grade Five and Grade Six.  It involves students choosing music, choreographing their own dance and working out their own costumes.  The school can enter two solos, two duos and two teams from each year level. We can enter one troupe.  Students also perform their dances at assembly in preparation for the competition.


On Saturday 4th May the Grade Six Dance Fair Competition was held at Fairhills High School.  The students competed in the solo, duo and team sections of the competition.  They all danced beautifully and did their best.  It was lovely to see them support each other and students from other schools.


On Saturday 1st June the Grade Five students had their opportunity to compete at Dance Fair Victoria.  The students competed in the solo, duo, team and troupe sections of the competition.  They all worked hard and performed well.  Congratulations to the girls on excellent results with a first place in the troupe, a third place for one of the teams and a second place for one of the duos.


Legally Blonde Excursion

On Wednesday 29th May a group of Grade Five and Grade Six students travelled by train to the Princess Theatre.  The students went to see ‘Legally Blonde – The Musical’.  For some of the students this was the first time they had been to the theatre and they were amazed to find that the music was played live, the performers had such amazing stamina and there was an intermission. 


Mrs Robyn Bell has organised for one of the cast members of ‘Legally Blonde – The Musical’ to visit the Glee Club in a few weeks.  The students are looking forward to his visit.

Open Night Performance

On Wednesday 22nd May at 7:30pm in the E. Wood Centre the Sapphire, Star and Diamond Dance Troupes performed for a very large audience.  All students looked the part in their costumes and danced beautifully.  Congratulations to all students who performed!


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