Past Events in Kindergarten 2013

Feathers, Fur and Scales Incursion 

What a great morning we had learning about and getting to touch so many different animals. Bronte taught us a lot about what the animals were called, what they liked to eat and interesting facts about each one. 



Messy Work

Messy work is FUN and explores all our senses and skills.  Here we are spreading shaving cream. We're taking turns, laughing at our peers on the other side, smelling it and cleaning it when finished. We all enjoyed the feel of it between our fingers.



We have been reading the story of Eddy and Freddy.  A book about sharing a picnic in the woods with Mum and a bear coming and Eddy is scared. The children have really enjoyed this and asked for it to be read many times.

Did you know that many skills are being explored here and it is a rich LITERACY activity for the children involved?

The group is:

  • re-telling the story,
  • following the words and pictures
  • predicting what is coming next 
  • sharing the joy of reading together.

Dramatic Play

We have set up a new area of dramatic play after one of our children in the group went into hospital for an operation.

Our aim is for it to be a time for him (and others) to role play being a doctor, a patient and to explore and share these feelings with peers.

Bob the crossing man

Bob the school crossing man came to visit us. He spoke to us about crossing the road safely, what to wait for, where to stand and when to walk. We discussed walking across the road while holding an adults hand, walking our scooters and bikes over and holding an balls instead of bouncing them as we cross. We even created our own crossing inside and the children got to practise waiting for Bob to check the road, hold his sign up, blow the whistle two times and then crossing safely. A great learning experience.

3 Year Old kindergarten group begins


We placed a very high priority to get outside today in our small groups.  It was a time for some of us to separate from our parents/grandparents for a short time and feel confident about this. The children enjoyed the fresh, new sand and making sand castles which then turned into birthday cakes with leaves for candles.


The garden was also popular as we picked tomatoes and watered our plants! We aim to plant more vegetables in the coming weeks with the children and begin a new season of crops to use in our program.


Many attempted to climb over the high A frames for the first time with help from Karen.  This is why it is  important to begin in small groups to that we can give individual assistance to all children and allow them time to gain their confidence.


Roller painting was very popular.  The children discovered how to put on the smocks and set themselves up ready to begin work.  A table was set for 2 children to begin - as you can see we adapted to the children’s needs and joined another table alongside as more children wished to join in.


The children helped to attach their individual photos onto the walls as we went through and named many of our peers.


We also enjoyed looking through the photos of each child and their parents from the interview sessions.  This is a great way to begin discussion and for children to talk about family and events from home.


Many children have been able to farewell their parents and grandparents for the first session.  It has been encouraging to see their confidence grow in this area.  The whole group appeared independent, enjoying the singing times and the story at the end as we all sat down for group time on our special mats and looked around at our friends in the group. 


A great way to begin our year and we look forward to the many more sessions ahead with the children.

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