Performing Arts



This year students will have Music lessons weekly for forty-five minutes. The aim is to develop their skills in movement, singing, rhythm and correctly using musical instruments. The Music curriculum is developed from the Australian Victorian Essential Learning Standards - The Arts.

The Level One students will be introduced to beat, rhythm and a range of percussive and melodic instruments.

The Level Two students will focus on the speed of music, rhythm and different sounds.  They will be moving to music as well as playing music using percussive and melodic instruments.

The Level Three students will be learning to play the recorder. They will be developing their skills in notation, composition and group work.

The Level Four students will be introduced to ukuleles which will help them in developing their skills in notation and chords and creating and composing songs.

School Production

All students will have the opportunity to sing a song or two with their level in an end of year concert on the school oval in December 2016.


The next whole school production will be in 2017. The production will be performed at the Kel Watson Theatre in August.


All students will be in an item that will involve singing and dancing.


Students in Grades Five and Six will have the opportunity to audition for main speaking and singing roles in February 2017.


We will again be calling on our wonderful parent and grandparent volunteers to assist with costumes.

Choir, Dance and Glee

See the extra-curricular timetable for a range of opportunities for the students to be further involved in Performing Arts.

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