Performing Arts



This year students in Foundation, Junior School and Senior School are having weekly music lessons for thirty minutes. Students from the Middle School have weekly forty-five minute lessons. The aim is to develop their skills in movement, singing, rhythm and correctly using musical instruments. The Music curriculum is developed from the Victorian Curriculum and also draws on the learning theories from Kodaly and Orff music methods.


Foundation students will explore beat, rhythm and pitch. Students are also learning short songs to sing and play on percussion instruments.

Junior School students are exploring how the use of musical elements can change the sound of a song. They will be moving to music as well as playing music using percussive and melodic instruments.

Middle School students will be learning to play the recorder. They will be developing their skills in notation, composition and group work at their own ability.

Senior School students are introduced to ukuleles. Students are developing their knowledge of chords, notation and will compose their own songs.

Inside Scoop:

Pipe Cleaner Rhythms with Foundation

Students in foundation have been learning how to identify, draw and play simple rhythms using musical notation. Students have also explored the concept of beat and how this relates to rhythm. With this in mind, students have physically created a song using physical materials. Students then used the symbols to play their rhythm on percussive instruments. The photos below show students developing their ideas.

School Production

 All students will have the opportunity to perform in the School Production in Term Three at the Besen Centre. Students in the Senior School have auditioned for main roles for the performance. We will again be calling on our wonderful parent and grandparent volunteers to assist with costumes.


Middle and Senior School Choir

Students from the Middle and Senior School have weekly rehearsals at 8:15 on Friday mornings. Students are learning the basics of good vocal technique and exploring harmony by singing short rounds. Students contribute to choir by helping to lead warm ups on a weekly basis and are also learning music from a range of musical styles including musical theatre, traditional folk music and choral music. Students in the Middle and Senior School Choir represent the school at a variety of school based and public performances throughout the year including the ANZAC Day Service, school assembly, the school production and numerous community events.


Junior School Choir

Junior School Choir meets weekly on Friday lunchtimes. Students in this group are introduced to the basics of singing through a range of vocal exercises, warm ups and songs. Repertoire that is worked upon is targeted to the age group of students in the Junior School and is sung in one part. Students in the Junior School Choir perform at various school events throughout the year.


Dance and Glee

See the extra-curricular timetable for a range of opportunities for the students to be further involved in Performing Arts.

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