Dance - 2014

Dance and Glee Concert

Congratulations to all dance students for a wonderful performance in the Dance and Glee Concert, at the Kel Watson Theatre, on Tuesday 2nd December.

Three Year Old Kinder Dance Group

Four Year Old Kinder Dance Group

Prep Dance Club

Sapphire Dance Troupe

Sparkle Dance Troupe

Boys Dance Club

Star Dance Troupe

Diamond Dance Troupe


What a wonderful year it has been working with all of you.  I loved seeing your smiles, energy and enthusiasm in class and on stage.  I hope most of you decide to dance again next year so you can continue to work on your technique and develop as a dancer.  For the Grade Six students moving on to Secondary School I thank-you for your dedication and hard work over many years.


Mrs Whiteoak


Whitehorse Spring Festival

On Sunday 19th October over ninety students performed on the main stage at the Whitehorse Spring Festival.

Senior Choir started the show by performing a new song they had been working on, ‘Ain’t No Mountain High Enough’. Prep Dance Club had their first performance for the year and the Sparkle, Star and Diamond Dance Troupes performed ballet and jazz items.  All three Glee Clubs performed, with Junior Glee performing ‘It’s a Hard Knock Life’ for the first time. To finish off the show all the students had the opportunity to take a bow as the Senior Choir sang, ‘Lovely Day’.

It really was a lovely day as the sun was shining, the children were smiling and many families stayed around after the performance to enjoy the huge range of activities available at the Whitehorse Spring Festival.  Congratulations to all the students who performed, but especially to the Prep students who represented the school at a public event for the very first time.

If you missed this performance, don’t worry because all these groups will be performing again this year. All students in Dance and Glee will be performing in a Concert at the Kel Watson Theatre, at 7:00pm, on Tuesday 2nd December.  Senior Choir will be performing at the Remembrance Day Service, Assembly, Grade Six Graduation and several local community events.


Dance Performances in Term Three

The Boys Dance Club and Sparkle Dance Troupe had their first performance for the year at assembly on Friday 1st August.  The boys performed a hip-hop routine to ‘I Believe’ and the Sparkle Dance Troupe performed a jazz routine to ‘A Perfect Day for Fun’. Congratulations to all the students who performed. 

The Sapphire, Star and Diamond Dance Troupes performed with confidence and grace at the Oxfam Music Festival on Thursday 14th August.  Thank you to all the families and friends who supported the students and helped raise money for Oxfam.


Oxfam Projects supported by the 2014 Concerts: 

  1. Timor-Leste:  Helping farmers grow more food and safely store harvests; women’s leadership programme.
  2. Bunbury, Western Australia:  Health services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
  3. Vanuatu:   Building community resilience to climate change in four provinces.


Dance Fair Victoria Choreographic Competition

Burwood Heights Primary School – Overall Primary School Winner.


Over two Saturday nights, the 3rd and 31st May, twenty-one students competed in the Dance Fair Victoria’s annual choreographic competition. The students worked hard for months during recess, lunchtime and at home to choreograph their dances.

Congratulations to all students who performed.  They all danced beautifully and should be very proud of their effort.

A special congratulations to students who were awarded places:

Grade 5 Solo 1st Place - Paige

Grade 5 Solo 3rd Place - Ashleigh

Grade 6 Solo 1st Place - Jasmine

Grade 5 Duo 1st Place – Maddison and Paige

Grade 6 Duo 2nd Place – Elisha and Jasmine

Grade 5 Team 1st Place – Mikayla, Samantha, Towa and Ashleigh

Grade 6 Team 2nd Place – Corinne, Katrina, Kateland and Meg

Grade 5/6 Troupe 3rd Place and Most Entertaining – Ella, Ella, Rosa, Kieren, Zoe, Meg, Kateland, Katrina, Corinne, Jasmine and Elisha.

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