Past Events in Grade 5/6

St John’s Ambulance Training

It was a very exciting day when visitors from St John’s Ambulance came to train our Senior School students in First Aid. We learned many things, including the appropriate course of action in an emergency, how to assist someone who has been in an accident and how to correctly give Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). The students valued the experience and were each awarded a certificate of completion to show that they are now First Aid trained.


Project Week - Understanding Australia

After the amazing experience students had on camp, they were able to apply their knowledge during Project Week. Looking at one of the minority groups on the Goldfields (Chinese, Indigenous, Women or Children), students were to create a timeline of significant events, make and describe objects that would ‘tell the story’ of someone from their selected group, prepare an oral presentation and it just wouldn’t be Project Week without making a mess!


Hot, tiring and FUN! Beechworth Camp was a once in a lifetime opportunity for our Senior School to explore the life and experiences of the famous bushranger, Ned Kelly, as well as the diggers and minority groups of the Gold Rush era. Students have been learning of the ‘trials’ that Ned Kelly faced throughout his life and were able to visit the actual holding cell of his mother, Ellen Kelly and her infant and the famous location of his last stand in Glenrowan. Furthermore, students were able to sit in the actual courthouse that Ned Kelly had his final trial in. Acting out the role of the Policemen, Bailiff and Ned, students were submerged in the trial of Ned Kelly where the final verdict was given, GUILTY!

Gold panning captivated the attention of students as they carefully sifted through their pans in the quest for gold. While many of us were ‘fooled’, there were lucky ones who were able to shout, “Eureka!” Although no nuggets were found, students were happy with their flakes of gold.

Other highlights of our camp included listening to Lazy Harry’s folk songs and dancing along ‘bush’ style, Kate’s Cottage where we were able to view first-hand how the Kelly’s would have lived, the town tour and the cemetery tour where we learnt of the terrible hygiene people used to have, resulting in early deaths from disease, ick! We saw a demonstration from a Blacksmith, visited the Burke museum, leaned about communications in the old Telegraph Station and of course, visited the sweet shop!

School Athletics

Sports Day is always a highlight at Burwood Heights Primary School, and this year was no exception.

A sea of red, yellow, blue and green students cheered and chanted.

Students jumped, sprinted and threw, pushing themselves every step of the way. Individual achievements were acknowledged and personal successes celebrated.

The ever popular and fiercely competitive ‘Student vs Teacher vs Parent’ relay race was hard fought.

Congratulations to all students who have made it through to District Athletics.

Spirit awards were given in recognition of students who gave their best on the day, supported their peers and showed the highest levels of sportsmanship.

Thank you to all involved in making this a fun day; students, parents, families and teachers.

Leader’s Day

Early in the year our school leaders gathered together for a jam packed day in which they would learn all of the skills they will need to represent our school, and complete their many leadership duties.

On the day the students explored the questions ‘What is a leader?’ and ‘What makes a good leader?’ in order for them to identify all the values an excellent leader will need.

The students did a wonderful job and undertook all activities with enthusiasm! It was a fantastic day and our school leaders continue to impress whenever they are completing the responsibilities of their role.

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