Past Events in Grade 5/6

Literacy Study

The Senior School students read Who Am I: Diary of Mary Talence as part of their Literature Study. The diary followed the life of Mary Talence, an Aboriginal girl in 1937. Students were required to complete an in-depth novel study where they explored the main literacy concepts of: Making Connections, Predicting, Visualising, Going Further and Vocabulary.


Debating Course 

This term, students completed a seven week debating course run by Sandra DeGeest. They debated various topics against each other, following the same format as a professional debate would. Each week, students received different roles for the debate, ranging from adjudicators, timers, chairmen and of course, affirmative and negative speakers. Students absolutely loved the experience and their progress from the start to finish of the course was outstanding. In the last weeks, each class held a Grand Finale. Parents were invited to come and view the skills the students had learned through the course.



We congratulate all involved for a great experience, and especially thank Sandra DeGeest and the teachers for a worthwhile, highly engaging experience.

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