Past Events in Grade 1/2

Literature Study


Junior School students participated in a literature study based on the book, ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’ by Roald Dahl.


This unit provided students with the opportunity to explore narrative structures, character studies and book reports. At the end of the unit, students were involved in ‘Readers Theatre’, where they each received a script from a scene within the book, and worked collaboratively to re-enact it to an audience.



My Place, Your Place, Our Place

Recently, Junior School students explored the diverse environments in which live through the Integrated Studies Unit, ‘My Place, Your Place, Our Place’.

The unit provided students with the opportunity to investigate the roles and relationships between themselves and their families, their school and their local community. They primarily explored the City of Whitehorse, with consideration given to the groups and structures that make up the local area.

In groups, students designed a birds-eye-view diagram of their own community, based on the wants and needs they discovered in initial lessons. To conclude, they reflected on the creative process and on working with others.


The Giant Peach Lands on the Junior School!
After many weeks, exploring the exciting world of Roald Dahl’s ‘James and the Giant Peach,’ students in the Junior School created their favourite scenes from the novel. Paper, cardboard, cellophane and clay all littered the floor as students were busily making their dioramas. The final products showed, once again how skillful and imaginative the students of the Junior School are.


Olympic Athlete visitor

Grade One and Two students have been studying the Commonwealth Games through a unit of work ‘Game On’. Last week we were lucky enough to have an inspirational Australian Gymnast, Georgia Bonora speak to the Grade One and Two students. She shared her experiences of competing in the 2008 Beijing Olympics, 2012 London Olympics and 2010 Delhi Commonwealth Games, where she received a gold medal for the team event, silver for the uneven bars and bronze for the all-around event. The students were dazzled by her green and gold Australian tracksuit, sparkly leotard and medals. She amazed students by telling them that she was not always the best athlete in her team, however, through sheer determination and perseverance and by training hard she always achieved her best.


Junior School Sports

On Friday, the preps, grade 1s and 2s all gathered on the oval for the annual ‘Junior School House Sports!’ The oval was awash with gold, red, green and blue as the school leaders gathered their teams ready to compete...

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Road Safety Incursion 

This term the Grade 1/2 students are learning about Road Safety. They are participating in various activities highlighting safe travel on public roads, with an emphasis on going to and from school.

The students had an incursion - The RACV Street Scene Program. The RACV helps to teach children about road safety through this program and provides first-hand activities and experiences of real traffic situations.


During the 45 minutes, the students learnt about: 

  • How to properly cross the road – Stop, Look, Listen and Think.
  • Different road signs and what each sign means.
  • The importance of wearing a seat belt and why it is safer for children to be in the back seat.
  • Different hazards on the road.

The students had fun singing songs and completing different hands-on activities during the session.

Here are some student recounts of the day: 

(Click to enlarge)


Weather Is All Around Us

This term Level Two is looking at weather. The students are investigating what weather is, what different components make up weather and how weather affects us. We have already discussed what we already know about weather and what we would like to know. The students have completed some beautiful craft activities as well as investigating other weather concepts through fun and exciting experiments in science.




This year Grade 1/2 are having fun learning and playing with Grade 5/6 buddies.  Having a buddy class helps the students become more independent and confident in their school surrounds, and have an older person who they are able to approach for help in the playground if they should need it. Buddy classes also have lunch together, share their favourite stories and play structured games in the classroom and outside in the playground. We try to aim to meet with our buddy class once a fortnight to share in these activities.


One World Day
Grade 1/2 students were very excited as they took part in One World Day. They were immersed in different cultures and were lucky enough to learn how to play the African drums and how to play the Italian game of Bocce. At lunchtime, all of the students were thrilled to eat a range of different foods from different cultures. They experienced the delights and specialties from each corner of the world.  Bellissimo!


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