Past Events in Grade 3/4 - 2016

Healsville Sanctuary

Middle School students went on an excursion to Healesville Sanctuary. We went to learn about how our indigenous animals have been affected by the introduction of new species, brought to Australia by new settlers.


When we arrived, we were welcomed by a ranger named Ben who gave us a special mission. The mission was to find different ways that we could help our endangered species. Some of the ways we learnt were to keep cats inside at night time or put a bell on them to warn other animals. Another way was to ‘Wipe for Wildlife’ by purchasing recycled toilet paper, so that we wouldn’t have to cut down as many trees, which are the homes to many animals. We should also make sure we put our rubbish in the correct bin and not let it flow into our rivers and lakes.


We explored the sanctuary and visited a variety of enclosures around the park, which were home to many native Australian animals. When we made our way around the zoo we got a chance to go into the nocturnal room, reptile house and parrot aviary. Inside the nocturnal room it was like a spooky house because it was very dark and all of the animals were in their own special tanks or cages. Some of the animals we saw in there were bilbies, bandicoots and Leadbeater’s possums.


Other animals we saw around the zoo were baby crocodiles, turtles, platypuses, emus and many more. We were also interested to find that there was a vet and animal hospital on site. The vet helps the sick animals at Healesville Sanctuary get better. When we visited the animal hospital there weren’t any animals in there but they had just put an injured koala back into its enclosure.


At 12 o’clock we went to watch a bird show, called Spirits of the Sky. Everyone’s favourite parts of the show were when Bernice the Black-breasted Buzzard cracked an egg by using a rock and her beak. We also really enjoyed it when the Corella flew out and used the microphone to speak English to the audience.


We were also very lucky to be able to have some different encounters with some of the animals. Ranger Ben took us to see a snake close up! Its name was Quincy and she was a black headed python. We were able to have a feel of her and we were surprised to find that it was soft and smooth, which wasn’t what we expected scales to feel like. Ranger Ben provided 3/4K with a chance to meet a Pygmy possum named William. It was so small that it could fit into the palm of Ranger Ben’s hand.


When we visited the parrot aviary we had a chance to feed the lorikeets and black cockatoos. We met a very vocal Bush Stone-curlew as we were leaving the enclosure. It turned out he was protecting his mate who was sitting on an egg.


Despite the rainy weather it was a great day. We all enjoyed seeing the animals in their natural habitats and having the special encounters with selected species. We are now more aware of how we can help the survival of our native animals.




Written By Isabelle P. 3/4V and Dion K. 3/4K


The Middle School has been learning about Cybersafety and the importance of keeping user-name and passwords private.

Students learnt that a password should contain:

  • 8 or more characters
  • capital letters
  • lower-case letters
  • numbers
  • special symbols eg: @ $ ( )
  • punctuation

Passwords should not contain:

  • their name
  • birthdate
  • any personal information
  • sequential numbers
  • letters or words


At first creating a password seemed complex and confusing, however we explored easy ways of creating strong passwords. One way is to think of a few short sentences which can be easily remembered, and use elements of it to create the password.

Eg:          My favourite toy is Dino. He is big and fluffy!

The password could look like this: MftiD.H1b&f!

Students enjoyed creating passwords, learning about the importance of personal privacy online, and why they should never give out personal information while working or playing on the internet.

Go the Pies!!!

The Middle School was lucky enough to have the Collingwood Football Club visit our school last semester. Brent Macaffer and Travis Varcoe, both football players, spoke about the importance of sport in our everyday life.

During the one hour session, the students practised ball skills, took part in kicking drills, had fun trying to kick goals and played a modified game of Aussie Rules.

To finish off the session, the students had some time to ask questions. The two players answered some very interesting questions and thoroughly enjoyed their visit to Burwood Heights Primary School. 

Melbourne Symphony Orchestra Performance

Recently a group of Middle School students went to Hamer Hall to see the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra (MSO) perform. It was an outstanding performance and students were really involved in some of the songs the Orchestra played.Instruments were placed into four sections of the orchestra. These were the Brass, Strings, Woodwind and Percussion musicians. We found out that the piano and harp were put in the percussion section, even though they have strings that make the music. The musicians were wearing different coloured t-shirts so students could easily identify each section. They set the Strings upfront, then the Wood Wind behind, the Brass was positioned at the back and the Percussion was around the edges of the orchestra.

The MSO holds the record for the quickest performance of The Flight of the Bumblebee, by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov, beating the record of 1 minute and 25 seconds, by 10 seconds. They were incredibly fast. They also played the theme song from Dr Who. When they played Dr Who, they introduced a new instrument called the Electro-Theremin. The Electro-Theremin made weird and wonderful sounds. A song from the opera ‘Carmen’ was also performed and we got to clap and sing every time the cymbals played. The music was very loud. The Orchestra then played a song from Romeo and Juliet, the part when Romeo and Juliet’s families fought, it was quite frightening.

Paul Rissmann, who was the compere of the concert, wrote a song called Bamboozled, which was pretty exciting. We got really involved in this song because Paul made us clap, stamp, slap and sing along to the song Bamboozled. This was probably the most exciting song of the whole performance even though everything was really awesome. The orchestra was so amazing. We all loved their performance. We gave a loud clap at the very end. We were all sad to leave Hamer Hall once the performance was finished.

Written by Sylvain and Hannah



Students in 3/4 C recently enjoyed finding real-life examples of symmetry in the environment. A visit to the Burwood Heights Out-door Learning Centre was the highlight of our Mathematics lesson!


An afternoon sharing a story with our buddies is always a pleasure! 3/4 C and Prep J enjoyed an afternoon ‘catch-up’,  with the Prep buddies showing their older friends some amazing reading skills.

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