Past Events in Grade 3/4

Save the Trees!

Students in Middle School have been learning about the Amazon and Congo rainforests. They have learnt that serious deforestation is happening in these areas and have created a short film to raise awareness and encourage others to care for the environment.



This term in Integrated Studies, the Level Three have been looking at Africa with a focus on the Congo jungle, the different animals in the savannah and rainforest and using The Lion King as a film study. For this task, 3/4M were asked to write an ‘I Am’ poem from the perspective of a character from The Lion King.

Athletics Day

The school's Athletics Day was a huge success! Students competed in a variety of events, jumping, throwing and running their way to the finish line. All participated to the best of their ability, and showed wonderful sportsmanship, making both teachers and parents alike very proud.

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