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Prep Newsletter 22nd May


Our Prep Students are 100 days smarter! What an exciting day for our prep students (and teachers) reaching the impressive milestone of 100 days at school. The day included maths games, dancing and of course lots and lots of party food!


Our Prep students achieved a great feat by reaching 100 days of school! This momentous occasion deserved an equally momentous celebration. When the Prep student's first entered their corridor, squeals of delight could be heard as they traveled through doorways covered with tinsel. Once in their classrooms, the floor was covered with 100s of balloons!


The day was filled with fun activities such as snakes and ladders and counting games where students explored the number 100. They created beautiful 100 days crowns and medals, and got to decorate yummy 100 themed cookies!


 All the preps got to enjoy the movie 'Sing!' while munching on party food that each student bought to share. The day finished with a disco where students could boogie woogie the day away.


A big thank you to the Prep teachers, Mrs Chi, Mrs Herdman and Miss Dobby for all their hard work to ensure the Prep students had a memorable day.