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Cultural Lunch


To conclude our inquiry ‘Food is a basic necessity that sustains people everywhere,’ the Junior School hosted a Cultural Food Day. Students were asked to bring a dish that is popular or regularly eaten from different lands. They then presented their food. Their presentation included:


  • What the dish is called
  • What country it is famous in
  • Why it is famous or popular
  • What are some of the ingredients
  • When is it eaten? For example, at dinner, only at celebrations, Christmas etc.


It was a fun day, and the students really enjoyed tasting food from different cultures.




Jumping Junior


Several times a week, the Junior School students participate in ‘Jumping Junior’. The students partake in running, ball skills, partner and collaborative group activities and relays. It is a great way for all the students to learn new skills and get some exercise to boost their brainpower.



Maths in the Garden


The Junior School students were in the garden learning about Mass. They were collecting items and sorting them from lightest to heaviest, and biggest to smallest. They all enjoyed spending their time in the garden and were able to achieve their tasks successfully.


Class Performance at Assembly 



1/2A and 1/2J were lucky enough to perform in front of the whole school during assembly. They were demonstrating the Learner Profile of Communication through the song ‘Getting to know you’ from the movie ‘The King and I’. We could not be more proud of how well the students worked together in learning both the song and the dance. Well done all! You can watch the performance in the video below: