Middle School



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Unit of Inquiry


In Term Two’s Unit of Inquiry, Middle School students learnt about the central idea of, “Exploration leads to discoveries, opportunities and new understandings”. Students have completed a range of activities based around the central idea, such as, brainstorming using mind maps, class discussions about exploration and researching famous explorers.



Melbourne Symphony Orchestra Excursion


Some of the Middle School students were invited to attend a special performance by the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra at the Hamer Hall. They were able to hear the orchestra perform incredible orchestral symphonies including ‘Swan Lake’ and ‘Flight of the bumblebee’. They even got to hear the instruments make the sounds of animals, including the chicken! It was a wonderful experience.



SOLO Maths



Throughout the year, Middle School students have been busy taking part in the SOLO maths program. Within this program, students have the opportunity to be the conductors of their own learning and complete a variety of hands-on activities on a number of Mathematical concepts. So far, students have learnt about time, money, fractions and measurement within these SOLO sessions.