Senior School


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Unit of Inquiry


For the last ten weeks, the Senior School have been looking at the inquiry 'People organise themselves because of geographic, economic and human factors'. This has led to discussions about over-population and what affects over-population is having on the world's resources and environment. As part of the 'Taking Action' part of the inquiry, two students decided to make a video to educate others on the negative impact humans are having on the environment. Click on the link below to see what they create:


Advanced Presentation Skills


Students in the Senior School have been participating in the Advanced Presentation Skills Youth Leadership program, led by the esteemed Toastmaster, Sandra de Geest. They are learning valuable speaking and leadership skills, through the delivery of Prepared and Rehearsed speeches, Off the Cuff speeches and effective evaluations.

SOLO (Structure of Learning Outcomes) Mathematics


Solo Mathematics allows students to choose their own level of understanding on different Mathematics topics. All tasks are hands on and require students to work collaboratively with their peers. The students in the Senior School thoroughly enjoy their weekly Solo Maths lesson.

Sports in the Senior School

Summer Sports


 Our Senior School students are training hard to compete at this year's Summer School Sports. The sports students are playing include basketball, volleyball, cricket and Softball. We wish them the best of luck as they compete against other schools throughout Term 3.

Senior School Lunch Time House Games


 During lunch times each week, Senior School students are given the opportunity to run different sports, games and activities for all students across the school. It is a great opportunity for the Senior School students to exhibit their leadership and act as responsible role-models for the younger students. A number of successful events have been organised so far, including a Downball competition, relay races, skipping competition, “Come Fishies Come” and many more!