Prep - Foundation


In Prep, the foundations of learning are made. These foundations are not only the academic building blocks of literacy and numeracy, but also the social and emotional basis for successful learning for life. Students form many new friendships and develop a range of social skills in Developmental Play sessions and in the playground.

Our Foundation level consists of three classes this year. These classes are:

  • Prep C – Mrs Laura Chi
  • Prep D - Miss Sharlene Dobby
  • Prep H - Mrs Megan Herdman


We are extremely excited to be teaching Prep this year. We work together very closely and meet a number of times during the week to plan together. The three classes come together for various activities each week including Developmental Play and Shared Reading. We are all very passionate about teaching and work hard to ensure that all of our students have a wonderful experience in their first year of schooling. We endeavor to ensure that each student has their individual needs catered for and that they develop a love for learning that will see them move confidently into their future years of schooling.

Inside Scoop:

Making Rockets
In the recent weeks the Prep students have been busy designing and making rockets, as a part of our Nursery Rhyme Unit. The students looked at a variety of materials including boxes, cups, foil, construction paper and pipe cleaners, to determine what they would use to build their masterpiece. After drawing a detailed design, the students set to work to cut, tape and construct their unique rockets.



Fun in the Garden
Recently we visited the Garden and had a fantastic time exploring all the wonderful areas. We will be regularly visiting the Garden as a level, where we will participate in team building activities and learn about the fun and exciting activities available in the Garden. This will prepare the Prep students for next year when they have the opportunity to play in the Garden during lunch times.