Drama Club

In the beginning of the year, there were a number of students who auditioned to become involved in the Burwood Heights Primary School Drama Club. It was decided with such a large amount of students keen to take part in the programme, a Junior and Senior Drama Club would form. Both groups participated in a variety of games and acting activities, focusing on expression, impromptu acting and scripted short plays. The Junior Drama Club was the first to perform their skit, a version of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’. They were responsible for learning their lines, creating the backdrops and props for the play and developing suitable costumes for their characters. The show was a hit amongst their peers at the School Assembly. The Senior Drama Club is nearing completion with their own skit called, ‘A Twisted Tale’. The item is a fairy tale story that has been altered to create a comedic representation of a mixture of fairy tales. We hope to perform the short play at assembly in the near future. What a talented group of actors and actresses we have!