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3WBC is a community based broadcaster serving Melbourne's Eastern Suburbs. Iain Messer has a regular segment on Thursday's from 2:00-4:00pm called the Messeraround. He asked Ann Masters to come in and talk about the Outdoor Learning Space. 

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Let’s Get Handy


Burwood Heights Primary School is by far, one of the most spectacular schools I have seen. Not only for its surroundings but also for their: students, teachers and curriculum. With core values such as achievement, respect, honesty, sensitivity and responsibility the staff implement numerous activities within the school to lead the kids to a fortunate future.


For the last couple of weeks I have been working inside the school with other students from Forest Hill College, completing our Community Service task. Over these weeks we have had the great opportunity to work with these amazing kids and have a look into what they do during their lunch time at school.


The first time I walked back into Burwood Heights I realised it wasn’t at all what it used to be when I went there. It was no normal school, but in the best kind of way. With their hands-on curriculum in the garden, we got to see kids doing things that not many kids these days have had the opportunity to learn how to do. They put together their own cubby houses,with the building of the frame being the only help from staff. They had the opportunity to decorate and make their cubbies into whatever they wanted them to be, and looking into it you realise each cubby basically has its own students ‘owning’ it. Keeping in mind these kids are aged between 7 and 12, the school has given these students the opportunity to make their own bread mixture during lunch, and have it cooking until school finishes, to make pancakes and popcorn for their friends and classmates under the close watch of their teachers. You look at kids and don’t expect them to be able to do these older activities without them getting hurt or doing it wrong, but when you see these kids from this school, it's mind blowing. They know how to cook, they know how to make and create things, how to look after things and people and even animals. Most children these days have not been able to properly develop their imaginations, but these kids obviously have a bigger imagination than most people my age, and that in my opinion, would mostly be in favour of the school.


Burwood Heights is definitely teaching kids about life, and getting them ready to live it. The school and staff have done all they can to obviously put together this great garden program that teaches kids how to have fun, while learning and being hands-on with life.


So far from what I’ve seen at Burwood Heights, I honestly wish I had been able to experience this as a kid. Just being able to participate in helping these kids and just watching and seeing what they do at lunch is absolutely mind blowing and fantastic. This school is really getting them ready for life and giving them the best possible primary education I have ever seen.


(Written by a Forest Hill College Community Service student)

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