Events this year


Hip-Hop for Harmony Day


Harmony Day was held on Monday 21st March to celebrate Australia’s cultural diversity. Harmony Day is all about inclusiveness, respect and a sense of belonging for everyone. It is a day for all Australians to embrace cultural diversity and to share what we have in common. Most cultures dance and it is something that all of our students can do regardless of what their native language is.

For Harmony Day we organised for ‘Stomp Dance Company’ to come out and run a Hip-Hop workshop for all the students.  Students attended one dance workshop and then had the opportunity to perform for the rest of the school later in the day.  It was wonderful to see so many of the student wear something orange and get into the spirit of Harmony Day, cheering on the other levels as they performed their dance item.




Spotlight On...5/6 E


Ned Kelly- probably Australia’s most infamous criminal….or was he? This term, 5/6E have been studying the Gold Rush in Beechworth, and the impact of this for the advent of rail, the expansion of farming and immigration. We looked at life on the Gold Fields, an even got to retrace the footsteps of the miners at Beechworth Camp. Of course with the Gold Rush, came Bushrangers. The most famous, Ned Kelly spent a lot of time in Beechworth (particularly in the court house and gaol!) and we tried to form our own opinion of the age-old question… was Ned Kelly a hero or a villain?





















Come and see 5/6E’s wonderful work located on the library noticeboard, near the door that exits to the decking.




Victorian State Schools Spectacular Regional Rehearsal


On the 17th March, 2016, eighteen students went to rehearse with other schools for the Victorian State Schools Spectacular. We had heaps of fun learning the dances and the choreographer Deon said that we were doing an amazing job. It was challenging to remember all the dances when we ran through them at the end of the day and we were all very tired. Our school was one of only five chosen to do a special acting part, which is very exciting. We cannot wait until our next Regional Rehearsal.

Kristy and Amelie

Performing Arts Captains




Spotlight On...1/2 P


During Term One, the Junior School students are given an opportunity to participate in Syndal’s “Just Swimming” program. Each Thursday and Friday from week 5 until the end of term, students leave school and attend the pool where they learn a variety of swimming techniques in groups. Students also learn about the importance of being safe and how to behave around water. After their first few days of swimming, 1/2P wrote a short reflection about their time spent at Syndal, describing what they did and how they felt after starting the program.


Come and see 1/2P’s wonderful work located on the library noticeboard, near the door that exits to the decking.




Choir Performance at the Walk for the Monash Children’s Hospital


Congratulations to all the Choir students who gave a wonderful performance when they represented the school at the Walk for the Monash Children’s Hospital over the weekend.  Ms Crystal aptly led the Choir as they performed, ‘On Top of the World’ and ‘True Colours’ Thank-you to all the families involved for giving up your time on a Sunday to provide the students with the opportunity to give back to the community. Looking forward to many more Choir performances this year, including the Anzac Service and Open Night Concert in Term Two.




Spotlight On...3/4 V


After Reading the book 'My Two Blankets' by Irena Kobald, 3/4V have discussed the many emotions that can be felt when beginning something new. We also talked about how these emotions can change over time, as things become more familiar. We made a patchwork blanket of our own with each student contributing a short memory of a time they felt 'new' to a situation and designed some security blankets about things that bring us comfort at times of worry.


Come and see 3/4V’s wonderful work located on the library noticeboard, near the door that exits to the decking.