English as an Additional Language


At Burwood Heights Primary School we come from many different countries and many language backgrounds. Students who speak a language other than English at home may receive extra help in EAL classes. Working in all of the key areas of language - speaking, listening, reading and writing - the focus of classes is to instill confidence in the use of English and give opportunities to practise using English in an encouraging, supportive environment.

Making the Most of School

School life in Australian schools is much more than just sitting in class, reading and writing and answering questions. This focus on participation in a wide variety of pursuits, and not just the purely academic, can be new to many of our students. We spend time in class talking about why these “extras” are included in school life and how they are important to the development of the student. We encourage all of our students to participate fully in school life by going on camps and excursions, actively participating in sport and joining in on special dress-up days. Families are included, too, with barbecues, information nights and parent cooking classes. Pictured below are students at the House Athletics carnival, the Welcome Barbecue, a football clinic, a dance incursion and dressed in orange for Harmony Day.

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