Past Events in Kindergarten 2014

August 2014

Our garden is producing great crops. Karen cut some fresh ‘krill’ and took it home to bake so it would turn into “krill chips” After watching me taste it some of the children tried it and their comments were:

  •  It’s smelly
  • It looks like it’s burnt
  • It tastes aahhhh…. With a scrunched up face!


Some just smelt it and said they didn’t want to taste it!

We have relaxing nature music on our cd which the children are enjoying as they watch sand timers and relax.  Many have been asking to dance to “ballet” music outside and this has led to dancing ribbons and singing.  Children are talking about the FROZEN movie and singing some of the songs. They know every word and sing it with the most amazing expression. 

The block corner has been a busy place! Lots of buildings being created, car tracks, roads and construction.  We have introduced long pieces of cardboard and the children have created bridges and ramps.  It has been delightful to see them working together with these, creating different designs each time and to see them problem solving when the ramps fall.


We have enjoyed a visit from a staff member from the local library. We read many stories, talked about taking care of books and enjoyed lots of singing together.

The children have been interested in writing their name and observing the different letters of their friend’s name. We have organised a sign in book for the children to sign themselves in at kindergarten each week. They are showing great interest in this and we will continue this throughout the coming weeks.

We are looking forward to sharing a rhythm music incursion next week along with Grandparents day. Other events this term will be, visiting the Prep classroom, Kew Traffic School excursion, Father’s and Special Persons Night, Road Safety Education and Composting Education.

Our Garden Morning at Kindergarten

We were privileged to have staff from Bunnings and students from Emmaus come and assist us to replant our vegetable garden. Nicole (3year old teacher) has liaised with the Bunnings Community Project and we were the happy recipients of this project. Early in the morning kindergarten staff began shovelling soil into the vegetable boxes to be ready for when the children arrived.  The children were on the lookout for the Bunnings truck which involved questions about the colour and size. It arrived and children watched staff unload plants, pots, sleepers, mulch and more soil.  The children were eager go out and begin planting. Our aim was for all the children to plant some vegetables, work with an adult and talk about nurturing the garden. After planting, they washed their hands and returned inside to ask peers to have their turn. When all the plants were in the garden we headed outside for a group photo. The staff thanked us for our help and we thanked them for coming and bringing all the plants and equipment. 

What a wonderful learning experience we had together and we look forward to nurturing our garden and using the produce in our cooking activities in our kindergarten sessions.

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